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John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

Year Six

Year 6 Blog- link to 2018 photographs

At the start of the new decade, it was good to be able to welcome the children back to school after their Christmas holiday. 

If you would like more information about Year 6's learning activities in school, there is now a Weekly Learning Overview folder.  This will allow you to preview the week ahead and also look back at previous weeks' work.

This week we have begun to share the children's new target cards with them. This is a new format designed to not only set targets for the children to aim for, but also to allow them to celebrate their progress by marking their steps on the journey towards the endpoint of Year 6.  Early next week, when all the children have received these, we will send a copy out for them to share with you and keep at home.  (If you would like a preview, there are some sample examples in the Curriculum folder.)

Don't forget to check the Photographs folder.  Some of the children wanted to share their beautiful calendar designs with a wider audience...

Despite chilly and damp weather conditions on their residential trip, all the children rose to meet every challenge right up until the last activity on the Friday morning.  A selection of photographs from each day's activities are available in the folder below.  Some of these are also on display in the Year 6 cloakroom area and, later in the year, the children will receive a disc containing a more comprehensive collection of photographs as a record of their week away.  

Many of you will have seen the amazing owl mural that our visiting wildlife artist Rory McCann has painted at the bottom of the stairs.  A wonderful array of 'eyes' - the children's artistic responses to his expert workshop- now adorn the opposite wall.  If you would like another look, there are some images saved in the Photographs folder.

All the children should now have the Reading VIPERS information fixed into their reading record book.  A copy of this can be found in the Curriculum section.  We encourage all children to read regularly at home to support the work they are completing in school.