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John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

11 May 2018

Dear Parents

Royal Wedding
On 17 May there will be a change to the menu in honour of the Royal Wedding. The menu will be as follows:-
Southern Fried Chicken Goujons, Barbeque Chicken and pasta, Barbeque Quorn pieces and pasta;
Garlic Wedges, Baked Beans, Babycorn and sugarsnap peas, Coleslaw, Pasta salad;
Waffles, Assorted cakes, Milkshake

This week four children were very proud to be presented with their Gold certificates marking twenty weeks of earning over 1000 points.  One smile stretched from ear to ear!  The class trophies were retained by 2B and 6CW and some of the owls left their perches to fly to new class winners- well done to this week’s fifteen class champions.  The year’s certificate totals now stand at 51 Gold, 346 Silver and 1793 Bronze.

Times Tables Rockstars
Our rockstars have been working hard on improving their speed and turning their heatmaps to green.  Many children have made amazing strides forward this week.  We now have seventeen ‘Rock Legends’ in Years 4-6.   A new contender, ‘Jeff Culture’, has taken the top position on the leaderboard with an amazing speed of 1.02 seconds per question.  He is closely followed by another new entrant, ‘Taylor Phoenix’, on 1.12 seconds per question and ‘Megan Sonar’ on 1.21 seconds per question.

Cross Country
Wednesday saw the final cross country race at Chetwynd Deer Park; a longer route than normal with more hills to challenge every child. All of our children ran fantastically well, with each child improving upon their previous position through the series. It has been a great experience and we look forward to the series next year. Thank you to all the parents who came and supported. 

Year 2 Mini Red Tennis Competition
A massive well done to the 8 year 2 children who took part in the Mini Red Tennis competition on Tuesday afternoon. Considering not many of the children had ever picked up a tennis racket before they did extremely well, finishing a respectable mid-table. We even saw some aces being served! It was a great opportunity for the children to try a new sport.

Education Service
Sunday is Education Sunday and there will be a service at St Michael’s Church for our school. The service starts at 10.30am and all are welcome to attend.  John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School choir and ukulele club will be performing.

Online Safety
The eCadets have been busy on their first challenge all about digital images. They have learned about images, that when put online are like showing two or three pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. However, this is only showing a partial reality and does not always show the full story. The eCadets will be teaching this lesson to KS2 classes over the next week or so and KS1 will have an assembly before half term. Please help spread the message of ‘don’t believe everything you see online’ as this will help the children develop a more realistic view of life.

Reception Chicks
On Tuesday morning, Reception had a very special delivery. A farmer brought 10 ‘Living Eggs’ set up in an incubator for us all to watch hatch over the week. The latest update of chicks is 2 girls and 6 boys (I think!) The children have been fantastic at looking after them and they have loved watching them grow.

Next week sees Y6 undertaking their SATs and also the start of some of the KS1 SATs for Y2 children. We are sure all will do their best and hopefully will all feel calm when the time comes. Plenty of sleep, fresh air, food and exercise is in order this weekend.

Attendance Update
This week’s winners of the attendance awards are as follows: 
A* Attendance: 1H, 1J and 5RD with 97.92%
Pride in Punctuality: 1J and 6CW both with 0 lates.

Diary Dates
Sunday 13 May 10.30am Service at St Michael’s for Education Sunday 
Monday 14 May KS2 SATs week
Friday 18 May Family Quiz
Friday 25 May Y6 visit to Llandudno
Friday 8 June Y2 residential visit to Edgmond
Thursday 14 June 50th birthday celebrations
Friday 15 June Sports Day

Yours sincerely

Matthew Gould