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John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

15 September 2017

Dear Parents

We have had a very busy week in school and have tried to carry on as normal despite the hugely varying weather conditions. Please make sure children come to school with a coat and please make sure all clothing is clearly named so if it is found it can be quickly returned to its owner.

“Wear Yellow” Day Tuesday 19 September
A reminder that, to mark the funeral of our former pupil Lucas Harris, we are encouraging yellow to be worn to school on Tuesday. Any donations received will be split equally between the families of Lucas and of Liam Finazzi.

“Dress Up” Day Friday 22 September
Don’t forget – next Friday, we will be having a whole school dress up day where we are asking the children to come dressed as a mythical creature or character. These might include Pixie, Mermaid, Merman, Hippogriff, Gnome, Troll, Yeti, Leprechaun, Fairy, Unicorn, Dragon, Griffin, or Sphinx. As this is to support the curriculum and learning, there is no charge.

Y6 2016 Abernant Photos
As promised, the photo discs for last year’s Year 6 children are now available for collection.  If your child went on the residential visit please speak to a member of the office team.  If you are in touch with any of the leavers who no longer have siblings in school we would be grateful if you could pass this message on.

Parent Consultation Evenings
Thank you for returning your reply slips. Appointment slips will be sent out next Friday.

School Dinner Money
When paying for school dinners any extra money received will remain on your child’s account until they have a dinner.  The kitchen are not able to issue change. 

Year 6 Abernant – 13-17 November 2017
The final meeting regarding this visit will be held at 6pm on 18 October.  It is essential that at least one parent attends this meeting where you will be given important information.  Children are also allowed to attend.

On Monday, the class trophies were won by 2B and 5L and our individual ‘Maths Magician’ owls were awarded to the children with the highest weekly points total in their class in the ‘Oscars’ ceremony.  Some of the owls have yet to ‘leave their nest’ this term, but things are looking much more promising on the class records this week and  hopefully by next week there will be an ‘owl guardian’ from each class.  Don’t forget that the weekly totals for ‘Oscar’ are finalised mid-way through Sunday evening.  55 certificates have been earned so far this year and this week children in the Language Class have been eager to share that they are working very hard to reach the magic 1000 points total that is needed to earn these.  After a minor glitch with the automatic roll-up at the beginning of the academic year, the system has been reset so that the activity content once again matches the children’s new year groups.

Reception and Year 6
Children in these year groups have been given a letter regarding Height & Weight recording.  If you do not wish your child to be measured you need to contact the School Nurses directly, not the school. Thank you.

Phone Calls
If you need to get information to your child regarding who is picking them up after school please ensure you ring the school office before 2.30pm, except in case of an emergency.  The office gets extremely busy after this time and messages received later are difficult to get to class before the end of the day.  Please help us to keep your children safe.

Car Parking and Pedestrian Safety
Please remember to park safely and considerately on the roads around school. Tesco are willing for parents to park on their car park and walk the short distance to school.
Please also ensure you keep children close to you as you leave school. I have already witnessed children climbing on the wall by the drive (this is not safe) and walking or scootering across roads on their own without checking first. Please help us to keep your children safe.

Attendance update
This week’s winners of the attendance awards are as follows: 
A* Attendance: 6CW with 99.35%
Pride in Punctuality: RV, 1J, 5L and 5RD all with 0 lates.

Diary Dates
Tuesday 19 September Wear As Much Yellow As Possible Day
Friday 22 September  “Dress Up” Day
Wednesday 27 September Parent Consultation Evening (4.00pm – 7.00pm)
Thursday 28 September Parent Consultation Evening (4.00pm – 7.00pm)
Thursday 18 October   Year 6 Parent Meeting re Abernant 6.00pm

Yours sincerely

Matthew Gould