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John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

16 March 2018

Dear Parents

This has been an extremely busy week in school with many different activities taking place.

Year 4 Residential Visit to Condover
This proved to be a very exciting few days for the 49 children who took part in the visit. Although the first day was a little damp, we had glorious weather on Tuesday all day. The children challenged themselves in a wide variety of physical and mental activities, showing great communication and determination. They returned safely on Wednesday and, I presume, enjoyed an early night when they reached home. There is still much unclaimed property in school – please check if you are missing anything.

Rhema Theatre Company
This morning, we were visited by Rhema Theatre Company who told the Easter story to the whole school. The children (and staff) were engrossed in this performance, which is probably one of the best we have had in school. It was followed by a series of workshops and related activities for children in Key Stage 2. This booking was part funded by the Methodist and Anglican churches – I should like to thank them for their support of this.

The competition for Hall of Fame places has continued at a great pace.  There have been twelve entrants this week, four of whom have reached the World charts.  Three of these were very determined and proud first-time winners, whilst at the other end of the spectrum seven children have been awarded the first 10x UK Hall of Fame badges with four also gaining the World equivalent.  Congratulations – these are hard-earned achievements. On Monday, 6CW regained the KS2 class trophy and 2B won the EYFS/KS1 trophy.  Last week, the certificate totals reached 1372 Bronze, 259 Silver and 29 Gold. 

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
This policy has been reviewed on 5 March 2018 and it is now available to see on the school web-site (click here). Please take time to look at this. Within the policy, there is additional guidance of posting photographs on social media that have been taken in school settings or at school events:
“If you wish to publish/post on social media, it is your responsibility to gain consent from parents of all other children in the image. Due to safeguarding concerns, not all parents are able to consent for images to be used.”

Online Safety Advice
Sharing photos of your children online can be a rewarding experience and a way to connect with other parents, but think carefully about what you post. Is there any personal information on show? Is your child wearing their school uniform? If so, you may want to think twice about posting the photograph. There may only be one piece of information in one photograph but a bank of information may be available from other photographs. The children's safety is in all of our best interests and the best way to protect them online is to check your privacy settings, not to reveal locations, personal information or the school name. Please be aware of the digital footprint that is being created for a child that is beyond their control.

Year 3/4 Football Match
Last Friday saw our year 3/4 boys travel to Redhill Primary School. The boys started well but a few defensive communication errors meant they went 2-0 down. John Fletcher dug deep, showed a great positive attitude and got a goal back just before half-time. During the team talk, the boys discussed the importance of communication and teamwork. This soon showed on the pitch, as within minutes they scored another goal to make it 2-2. Their confidence grew and they didn’t stop there – another 6 goals followed giving an unbelievable result of 8-2! Each player should be very proud of their performance – thank you to all who came and supported.

KS1 Football Festival
On Thursday, 8 very excited Y2 children went to Goalzone at AFC Telford for an afternoon of football activities. They had lots of practice and their skill level grew throughout the sessions. They behaved really well and were a credit to the school.

Sports Kit
There are a number of football kits that have not been returned from previous events. Please could you have a good check, as we have a full fixture list in the run-up to the Easter Holidays and not enough kits to go around. Thank you.

Year 5 John Muir Award
A reminder that there are no more John Muir sessions until Friday 11 May. We will be adding a new date to replace the session missed due to the snow and, as soon as it has been confirmed, we will let you know.

Easter Holiday Activities
Last week the children should have come home with a leaflet advertising a holiday club being run by Activ8 during the second week of the Easter Holidays, 9 - 13 April.  This will take place on school premises and if you are interested in booking a place please contact Dan Wilson 01904 944833 or info@activ8education.co.uk direct.

NSPCC Fundraiser 
The NSPCC will be visiting school on Wednesday 21 March and Wednesday 28 March to deliver their ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ programme. On Thursday 29 March we will be having a non-uniform day to raise money for the NSPCC. Children can wear any sensible clothing of their choice, normal rules apply regarding jewellery and makeup. We ask that they bring in a suggested donation of 50p.

Easter Celebrations at St Michael’s Church
Thank you to all who joined us for our Easter celebrations at St Michael’s Church on Wednesday. The Reception, Year 1 and 2 children all sang beautifully and some of Year 2 children wrote and read some very thoughtful prayers. We are very proud of them all.

Easter Experience
Year 5 are looking forward to going to St. Michael’s Church on Thursday morning next week. We will be finding out more about the Easter story and its meaning. A letter has been sent home with the children in Year 5 regarding this.

Year 2
There is a meeting on Wednesday 21 March at 6.30pm to give information about the Year 2 Residential Visit to Edgmond Hall and the Year 2 SATs.

Year 4 Swimming
Next Tuesday (20 March) is the last swimming session for Year 4.

Appeal for carrier bags
If you have any spare carrier bags at home please could you donate them to school.  Thank you.

Visit Money 
Please can any money that is still owed for visits be paid at the school office as soon as possible.  Year 1 are going to Blists Hill on Monday and, although all consent forms have been returned, there are 6 lots of money that have been pledged but not paid.  Year 5 are going to Enginuity on Tuesday 20 and 27 March and, at present, 4 lots of pledged money still have not been paid.  In addition to this, there is still £500 pledged money outstanding for the recent Year 4 Condover visit, £305 for the Year 6 Residential Visit last November and £495 still outstanding for the Year 5 John Muir project.
With ever increasing budgetary constraints, we will very soon reach the point where visits and experiences need to be cancelled as the budget we receive will not cover costs.

School Fund Accounts
Click on the text for copies of our School Fund, Residential Visit & Breakfast Club school fund audited accounts for the financial year ended 31 August 2017.  Paper copies available on request.

Attendance Update
This week’s winners of the attendance awards are as follows: 
A* Attendance: 5RD with 100%
Pride in Punctuality: RV, 1J, 2Y and 6CW all with 0 lates

Diary Dates
Monday 19 March  Year 1 to Blists Hill 
Tuesday 20 March  5L to Enginuity
Wednesday 21 March Meeting Year 2 Residential Visit and SATs  6.30pm 
Tuesday 27 March  5RD to Enginuity
Thursday 29 March  NSPCC non-uniform day (suggested 50p donation)
School closes for Easter
9 – 13 April    Activ8 Holiday Activities 
Thursday 26 April  Year 2 to Chirk Castle

When I sit back and look at what goes on in school on a weekly basis, I am so proud that we are able to offer so much to the children in addition to the “normal” lessons. It is only with the dedication and goodwill of staff that we are able to do this and I should like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their commitment to the school and the children.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Gould