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John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

25 May 2018

Dear Parents

Y6 Llandudno Visit
The week (and half term) has concluded with Y6’s day visit to Llandudno, which is always a long day and one which is thoroughly enjoyed. There will be more news of this when we return.

After a competitive week, which had seen some head to head challenges for the class trophy, both trophies changed hands within year groups.  3B were keen to follow in 3HP’s footsteps and so mounted a determined and successful challenge whilst 2Y regained the KS1 trophy from 2B after only a week’s gap.  A further 3 Gold certificates have been achieved this week adding to this year’s already record-breaking total.  The current position is 1872 Bronze, 356 Silver and 55 Gold certificates.

Times Tables Rockstars
Our budding rockstars have continued to impress this week.  Even though some children have not yet set their base speeds, the majority of children in Years 2 to 6 have now started to use this programme.  If your child does want to set their base speed, they need to complete ten ‘Studio’ sessions.  This then gives them a target to improve against.   During the week, a further six children have reached the heady heights of ‘Rock Legends’, making twenty-seven in total across Year 4-6.   Meanwhile, our Rock Heroes, ‘Taylor Phoenix’ (Y5) and ‘Jeff Culture’ (Y6) have continued to jockey all week for the top position on the school leaderboard.  At the time of writing, ‘Jeff’ is in the lead with an amazing speed of 0.70 seconds per question, closely followed by ‘Taylor’ on 0.73 seconds per question.  Two more children are closing in on ‘Rock Hero’ status; ‘Rip Lightspeed’ (Y6) is in third place on 1.04 seconds per question whilst ‘Sinkane Xhan’ (Y6) is closing in with 1.09 seconds per question.  Current class leaders are:

2B 2Y 3B 3HP 4C 4G 5L 5RD 6CN 6CW






















Tri-Golf Competition 
On Tuesday, John Fletcher sent two teams of Golfers to Newport Rugby club, a 3/4 team and a year 5/6 team. Both teams played fantastically, they had 8 challenges to complete as a team, from putting, chipping and driving accuracy. All the points accumulated from the challenges were added up at the end but we are still waiting for the results. A total of 40 teams were there with 20 different schools being represented. It was great to see one of our outstanding year 3 player catching the eye of the all the golf coaches at the event.

Year 1
The Year 1 children should have brought home a letter today for a visit to the Transport Museum in Wythall in June.  Please can consent forms and payment be returned by 11 June.  Thank you.

Family Quiz
Thank you to all the teams who turned up and took part in the Family Quiz last Friday. This was a very relaxed evening as always and plans are already afoot with the instigation of new rounds for next year.

Attendance Update
This week’s winners of the attendance awards are as follows: 
A* Attendance: 1J with 98.75%
Pride in Punctuality: 1J with 0 lates.
Today 180 children received a sticker for 100% attendance and 0 lates this half term

Diary Dates
Friday 8 June  Y2 residential visit to Edgmond
Friday 8 June  Year 5 John Muir Day
Saturday 9 June  Y2 residential returns (approx. 11.45am)
Thursday 14 June  50th birthday celebrations
Friday 15 June  Sports Day
Monday 18 June  Non-uniform day (Bring a bottle for the Summer Fair)
Wednesday 20 June Year 1 visit to Transport Museum
Friday 22 June  Year 5 John Muir Day
Friday 22 June  Summer Fair (3.30pm – 5.00pm)
Friday 29 June  2pm Year 5 John Muir presentation to parents

Yours sincerely

Matthew Gould