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John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

27 April 2018

Dear Parents

Telford and Wrekin Year 5/6 Girls Football Tournament
Last Thursday afternoon (19 April), the Year 5/6 girls football team took part in their Telford and Wrekin Football Tournament.  Due to the unseasonably hot conditions, the games were reduced from 15 minutes each to 8 minutes each.  Our team competed in every game but unfortunately they were unable to qualify for the later stages of the competition.  However, they did enjoy a 2-0 victory over Short Wood and played exceptionally well to draw 0-0 in their local derby against Coalbrookdale.

World Cup
The World Cup is only 48 days away. Yesterday, we started our own Y3/4 and Y5/6 versions with matches being held at lunchtimes. This internal competition, with each house representing 2 countries in each competition, will involve approximately 110 children. There was great enjoyment and excitement for players and spectators alike.

Times Tables Rock Stars
The bands are now up and running.  You should have received your children’s log-in details yesterday.  We have got copies in school if they are mislaid.  Some of the children were so enthusiastic on Thursday that they logged in before the end of the school day.  Miss Wilkes has a feeling that some of the staff may also become quite competitive!  We look forward to seeing individual and band statistics beginning to register on the leaderboards as the children start to explore this new resource. 

The EYFS/KS1 trophy was won this week by 2Y, with LD coming a close second – a fantastic achievement for such a small band of mathletes!  6CW won the KS2 trophy, closely followed by the two Year 5 classes who mounted a determined effort last week.  Each week we continue to celebrate the weekly class champions as they are awarded the ‘Oscars’.  Several retained their positions, whilst other children won their class’s trophy for the first time.  As mentioned last week, the running total of certificates earned by the children is magnificent.  So far this year we have presented 1695 Bronze, 330 Silver and 46 Gold.  

Cross Country
Unfortunately, the final race of the season at Chetwynd Deer Park was postponed on Wednesday this week due to the wet conditions. This will, we hope, be rearranged – more news when we have it.

Key Stage 2 Snacks
Thank you all for your support of the healthy snacks for Key Stage 2 children. We believe this is already having a positive impact regarding sugar levels after breaktime and is being observed by the huge majority of families. Thank you again.

Breakfast Club
Please can I ask that, if your child has been to Breakfast Club but no longer needs the place, please let school know so that the place can be offered to someone else. If not, you will continue to be charged in order to keep the place open for you.

Family Quiz
Our Family Quiz this year will take place on Friday 18 May. Entry forms will be sent out next week. What will the mystery round be this year??!!

Class Photographs
Class photographs take place next week:

Monday 30th April Tuesday 1st May
9.00 RG 8.45 LD
9.15 RV 9.00 4G
9.30 1H 9.15 5L
9.45 1J 9.30 5RD
10.00 2B 9.45 Y6
10.15 2Y 10.15 Assembly
10.35 Break 10.35 Break
11.00 3B 10.50 Y6 individuals
11.15 3HP  
11.30 4C  

Sports Day
Sports Day (weather permitting) will be held on Friday 15 June. Reception and KS1 will be in the morning from 9.30am. KS2 will be in the afternoon from 1pm. There will be the usual family picnic at lunchtime. Please watch out for more news nearer the time.

50th Birthday Celebrations
We will be concluding our 50th birthday celebrations on Thursday 14 June. Please keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Another reminder that parking on school grounds is for Staff only.  There are a number of parents who come down the drives for Breakfast Club or when their children are late.  This is not allowed in the interests of the safety of our children. Thank you.

Edgmond Hall Residential Visit – Year 2
Thank you to those who have made payments for this visit in June.  Receipts have been sent home.  We have not issued payment cards but receipts show how much has been paid and how much is remaining.  Full payment needs to be made by Monday 21 May.  There are 14 children at present who have not returned paperwork, 8 in 2B and 6 in 2Y.  If you would still wish your child to attend please see Mrs Watson in the office who will issue another pack if you have mislaid yours.  If we have not received your pack by Thursday 3 May we will assume they are not going on the visit.

Chirk Castle
Yesterday Year 2 visited Chirk Castle as part of their Castle topic. After an early start to their day they all had a fantastic time learning what life was like being a servant or a rich person by dressing up. They learned how to ‘fire’ a cannon, how heavy a soldier’s armour was and they visited a dungeon to see what life was like for a prisoner. Everyone had a very exciting time and I hope they shared their enthusiasm about their experiences when they came home!

Site Safety 1
The gates to the playground have now had their locks fitted and this is already an additional reassurance during the day. These gates do not unlock until 8.35 so it is vitally important that your arrival at school is not too early. This is especially important as waiting areas are near to the car parks and is even more applicable to unaccompanied children in Key Stage 2.

Site Safety 2
We regularly hold fire drills to ensure we can evacuate the building in a speedy and orderly manner if needed and the children are very good and well-practised at doing this. We will, in the near future, be practising our lockdown procedure which involves children doing the reverse – coming into the building safely in case of emergency. This could, for example, include, a dog being on the premises. This is nothing for you to be alarmed about – it is just another example of children being aware of their own safety.

School Dinners 
Since Easter, the cost of a school dinner has increased to £2.20.  There have been a number of envelopes received this week which only contain £2.10 which will obviously result in you receiving arrears letters.  Please can you ensure the correct amount of money is enclosed or alternatively visit the school website and follow the link to pay online (you can also click here). All payments should be made in advance of meals being taken. After just two weeks, the school is already owed £175.

Attendance Update
This week’s winners of the attendance awards are as follows: 
A* Attendance: 4G, 5L and 5RD all with 100%
Pride in Punctuality: 1J, 2Y and 5RD all with 0 lates.

Diary Dates
Monday 30 April Class photos
Tuesday 1 May Class photos
Friday 11 May  John Muir resumes for Year 5 
Monday 14 May KS2 SATs week
Friday 18 May Family Quiz
Friday 25 May Y6 visit to Llandudno
Friday 8 June Y2 residential visit to Edgmond
Thursday 14 June 50th birthday celebrations
Friday 15 June Sports Day

Yours sincerely

Matthew Gould