• Welcome to John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School. This half term, we are focusing on the Christian value of 'Courage'. Let us know how you've been courageous in your everyday life.

John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

Curriculum Coverage

Summer 2018

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Y1_Curriculum_Summer_18.pdf 104.3KB 28/03/2019
Y2_Curriculum_Summer_18.pdf 110.3KB 28/03/2019
Y3_Curriculum_Summer_18.pdf 104.2KB 28/03/2019
Y4_Curriculum_Summer_18.pdf 104.3KB 28/03/2019
Y5_Curriculum_Summer_18.pdf 100.5KB 28/03/2019
Y6_Curriculum_Summer_18.pdf 59.2KB 28/03/2019