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Year 1 Newsletter 01.04.2022

We have been so busy this week using money to solve problems in Maths. We were so proud of all of the children for grouping and classifying animals in Science, they could also explain why each animal belonged in the group. The children were brilliant at identifying the features of a church in RE.

Year 1 Newsletter 25/03/2022

It was wonderful to see all of the children dressed up for World Maths Day on Wednesday. They were so proud to show off their costumes. We had a lovely day solving problems involving capacity.

Year 1 and Nest Home Learning 25.03.2022

Due to staff shortages children in Year 1 and The Nest will be learning from home today. (25.03.2022)


For Phonics please watch 2 of the following videos:

Set 1 ch

Set 1 ng

Set 2 air

Set 2 igh

Set 3 ure

Set 3 ear

Children reading Lilac or Red home reading books should watch the set 1 videos.

Children reading Green or purple home reading books should watch the set 2 videos.

Children reading Pink, Orange, Yellow or Blue home reading books should watch the set 3 videos.


The children in Year 1 have been learning about capacity this week. This will be next week’s new learning for the children that work in The Nest.

For Maths today please could you fill a container with water. It could be a bucket, the washing up bowl or any other large container you may have. Ask your child to investigate the best way of finding out the capacity of the container. We have been using non-standard measures this week so they will need to use a cup to find out how many cups of water the container holds. Allow your child to investigate how they will be accurate when they do this. They may need to do it a number of times. Do they need to scoop the water out of the container and count the amount of cups? Is it easier to fill a cup up and pour the water into the container each time? Is the cup full?

In Science this week we have been learning about how to classify animals. To consolidate this learning please watch the following videos and complete the quiz a little further down each page. 







For PSHE have a look around your home and look potential hazards. Discuss how to keep safe.


We hope you have a lovely day.

18.03.2022 Year 1 and Nest Newsletter

We are so proud of the work the children have done in Maths this week. They are becoming so confident at recognising the addition and subtraction symbols and understanding what they mean. We are starting to see the children recognising which manipulatives work best to help them, they are amazing mathematicians! They have designed some fantastic repeating patterns on the computer using weather symbols.

Year 1 Newsletter 11.03.2022

The children have worked extremely hard using variety of different manipulatives to support their work on addition this week. We are extremely proud of how hard all of the children have worked. The children created some lovely repeating patterns in Art using weather symbols. We are now looking forward to seeing them create some digital artwork using their designs.

Year 1 Newsletter 04.03.2022

The children have had a fantastic first week back this week. We have enjoyed World Book Day and celebrated the children’s love of books by creating new reading areas in the classrooms for them to enjoy a wide range of picture books. The children have also developed their positional, directional and movement vocabulary through various practical activities, both in Maths and P.E. lessons.

Year 1 Newsletter 18.02.2022

We have come to the end of another busy half term in Year 1. We are so proud of how hard all of the children have worked and the progress they have made! After half term we will be continuing with our theme of the weather. In science we will begin to look at animals.

Year 1 Newsletter 10.02.2022

The children have all enjoyed taking part in our Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing week. They have been thinking about all of the successes they have already had in their lives through reading the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We have done some yoga and mindfulness colouring. The children wrote down a goal that they would like to achieve on a star to remind them to always reach for the stars.

Year1 Newsletter 04/02/2022

We have had another super week in school. The children have used some lovely descriptive language to describe Froggy in their writing this week. They have enjoyed halving objects, shapes and amounts in Maths.

Year 1 Newsletter 27.01.2022

The children have written some super poems about the winter this week. They have also done some super work describing the seasons in Geography. They have been brilliant at counting in 5s, we even practised it when throwing and catching during PE!

Newsletter Year 1 20.01.22

We are so proud of the children this week for the lovely diary entries they wrote about the weather. It was been wonderful to watch the progress the children have made as they have become quicker and quicker at doubling in Maths.

We have some artists in the making in Year 1, the children have done some lovely drawings of some of Orla Kiely’s prints.

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