• Welcome to John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School.
  • This half term, our Christian value is 'Resilience'.
  • "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart." Colossians 3:23

John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

C.H.A.T blurbs 2020-2021

Filename Size Date
Autumn Term Week 3.pdf 729.5KB 15/09/2020
Autumn Term Week 4.pdf 593.0KB 18/09/2020
Autumn Term Week 5.pdf 232.5KB 29/09/2020
Autumn Term Week 6.pdf 369.7KB 05/10/2020
Autumn Term Week 7.pdf 242.6KB 09/10/2020
Autumn Term Week 8 RBW.pdf 104.6KB 26/10/2020
Autumn Term Week 8 RY.pdf 119.2KB 26/10/2020
Autumn term week 9 RBW.pdf 214.8KB 26/10/2020
Autumn Term Week 9 RY.pdf 126.6KB 26/10/2020
RBW.pdf 645.7KB 26/10/2020
RY (2).pdf 188.1KB 26/10/2020
RY.pdf 799.6KB 26/10/2020
Parent and Carer Letter Template.pdf 593.0KB 14/11/2020