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Welcome to our Home Learning page for Summer Term 2!

Our Topic for this half term is:

Why can't I go to the beach after school?

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Bug Club tasks

Use your Bug Club login (ask parents to contact school if you can't find it) to find the 'beach' book I have allocated for you. Read the book with your parents or with an older brother or sister, then try the activity below that goes with your book:

ACTIVITY - Fun at the Beach

ACTIVITY - Sharma Family: Best Birthday Ever!

ACTIVITY - Slick Tricks

ACTIVITY - The Summer Explorers

Oxford Owls ebooks and tasks

Use the login jfomps and the password jfomps to search for these books:

Jellyfish shoes (more challenging reads) - download questions

The Seagull (independent reads) - download questions

The Starfish (phonics-based) - download questions

K5 reading comprehension tasks

(Thanks to K5 Learning)

Summer Nights - easy text; multiple choice questions

Sharks - independent read

How to draw a shark - slightly harder text

Literacy games

ICT Games - practise spellings and review learning in phonics

Improve your writing with a thesaurus thermometer!

Literacy printables

(Thanks to SenTeacher)

Year 2 Common Exception Words poster

Year 2 Common Exception Words to colour

Practise Common Exception Words 1 (letter outlines)

Practise Common Exception Words 2 (letter outlines)

Mental maths practice

Recognise numbers in different representations and solve additions and subtractions - NumBots (needs your Times Tables Rock Stars login)

Place value and numbers in different representations - Base Ten Bingo!

Additions - Addition Bonds Challenge 1 - Addition Bonds Challenge 2 - Something easier

Subtractions - Subtractions 1 - Subtractions 2

Elmer Additions and Subtractions colouring puzzle - practise your number bonds!

Multiplications - Times Tables 1

Times Tables Rock Stars

Funky Mummy game - rehearse bonds, missing number questions and times tables

Times Tables Train (Thanks to Brother Creative Centre) - Big file: may take a few minutes to download

Divisions - Divisions 1

Oxford Owls: Divisions using arrays

Maths mini-project - The Number 16

Mixed Maths activities

Oxford Owls: At Home With Maths

Oxford Owls: Counting Coins

Oxford Owls: Train Dominoes

Oxford Owls: Making calculations using dice

Oxford Owls: Caterpillar Lengths

Brother: Counting Forwards and Backwards

Brother: Adding to 20 using a number line

Brother: Name the fractions of shapes

Shade the fractions: Easy

Shade the fractions: Mixed

Shade the fractions: Harder

Adding coins: Easy

Adding coins: Medium

Adding coins: Hard

Making jottings

Working with arrays (includes questions, recording sheet and answers)

Maths manipulatives and printables

Printable Numicon - full size

Printable 100 square (plain)

Virtual Base Ten Blocks

Printable number flash cards

Ordering numbers - in Year 2, we need to order numbers up to 100

Virtual dice - roll up to 3 dice

Set the Time - a virtual clock to practise setting and telling the time from an analogue clock face

Other printable activities

Links and video clips


(Thank you to Primary Treasure Chest)

Sea life wordsearch

Summer wordsearch

(Thank you to The Teachers' Corner)

Beaches wordsearch

(Thanks to Brother Creative Centre)

Name the shapes wordsearch

Labelling and drawing activity

When you have tried each of the activities above, why not show off your knowledge about beaches using this activity? Improve Miss B's drawing by adding things from your own learning.

Click here to start with my drawing and make it better!

Collecting information

Record the weather for 10 days and look for patterns

Record the weather for one month


Video clips

Barnaby Bear: Lifeguards and sea rescue (BBC)

Bubbles: a journey around the beach and under the sea

The Silent Red Book: making a new best animal friend

The Silent Blue Book: what would YOUR island be like?

The Ugly Sharkling


Fun Facts and images about the UK coastline and coastal habitats

Kiddle Facts about beaches

Explore creatures that live underwater with Scholastic's Somethin' Fishy game