Our Week in Year 6 – w/c 13th November 2023

Well done to everyone in Year 6 this week for their hard work in lessons. We are seeing some people really be ambitious in their learning and trying to make their work the best that it can be. Keep it up!

In English, we have been looking at using parenthesis, colons and formal conjunctions in our work, in preparation for writing our non-chronological reports on World War 2.

In maths, we have looked at equivalent fractions, either by making the numerator or denominator the same.

In science, we used lux meters to measure the brightness of different light sources, such as: daylight, the classroom lights and the whiteboard. We found that the brighter the object, the higher the lux.

In history, we looked at rationing and how this affected the lives of British people during and after the war. We looked at the types of food that was rationed and the ways that people coped with it.

School Trip to Morrells Wood Farm

A letter was sent home this week regarding a Year 6 trip to Morrells Wood Farm in December. Please respond on ParentPay as soon as possible.


Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 6 Team