John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

School Based Provision and Remote Learning

Information for parents

We know that you may have queries or concerns about the return to school, or for school based provision. We have produced a risk assessment to explain how we will endeavour to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

All risk assessments have been assessed and agreed by the Local Authority and school policies have been updated in line with these.  There have been a lot of changes inside and outside the school building to ensure that we adhere to the current advice regarding social distancing.


Behaviour and Safety

It is vital that our children behave is a matter that is safe for everyone.  This is our new and updated Positive Baviour leaflet for parents and children, emphasising the importance of safe behviour during the Covid pandemic:

Behavour Leaflet: Covid Amendments


Remote Learning

If a child is isolating, they are required to access work from home.  We aim to offer a rich and progressive curriculum to children working within and outside of school, to minimise the amount of learning that could be lost.

Our approach is that children and families engage with See Saw.  This online learning platform allows teachers to upload work, children to submit their work, and teachers to feedback to the children and vice versa.  You can communicate with your teacher through this platform.

Teachers will be looking for good quality work from the children.  It will not be acceptable to produce substandard work.  However, if your child is struggling, they can ask the teacher for help.  We can also find other ways of supporting if needed.  Please don't hesitate to ask.

Also, our online platform allows us to know that your child is safe.  The children need to have logged on by 10am each morning, to receive their registration mark.  Teachers will be in contact with families if they haven't had any communication, for safeguarding reasons.  If you have any issues, please don't worry, just let us know.

Here is our remote learning document:

Remote Learning 2021