Summer Holiday Activities Club

Dear Parent/Carer,

We have some fantastic news!  A holiday club will be running here over the summer holidays.  This is free to students receiving free school meals. Click on the flyer Telford- JF.

This is a fantastic opportunity so please get booked in, before it goes out to the wider public!

Kind regards

Year 2 Newsletter – 05.07.24

What a fantastic week Year 2 have had. All the children behaved impeccably on our school trip to Rhyl beach, ensuring they were ready, respectful and safe even outside school. They loved building sandcastles, collecting shells and  paddling in the rock pools.

This week Year 2 have also taken part in a mock election, designing their own party rosettes and filling out their ballot paper.

New books!

Dear Parents/ Carers,

A little while ago we held our annual book fair. From the books that were bought, our school gained reward points that we were able to spend on brand new books for the whole school. The children spent time in class, selecting the texts that they would like to read. A very exciting delivery came this week! Here is just a small selection.

Thank you to all of our families who have made this possible. We know the children are extremely excited to get reading!

Mrs Smith

(Reception Teacher and Reading Leader)



Sports Day- Friday 28th June 2024 – take two!

 Dear Parents and Carers,

We are again so excited to have you back in school for our EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Sports Day and Family picnic.


  • LKS2 (Year 3/4) 9.15am-10.30am (Gates open 9am)
  • UKS2 (Year 5/6) 10.45am-12.00pm
  • Reception & KS1(Year 1/2) – 1.30pm-2.45pm

 Enter: Gates by Main Reception (Reception and Year 2 entry and exit gates) PLEASE SIGN IN AND OUT

 All parents are to stay within the designated seating areas during the sporting events and should not attempt to cross the tracks to your child/ren.


In order to ensure safeguarding of our children, parents will not have access to the school building. Port-a-loos will be provided on site.

Behaviour Expectations

We are all here to celebrate all our wonder children’s sporting success and ask that you ensure that you are celebrating with each child as they follow our school vision at working at everything with all their heart. We would also kindly ask that any younger siblings are supervised at all times (avoiding running on tracks). 

Smoking and Vaping

Can we remind you that John Fletcher of Madeley is a smoke free zone, this incudes vaping. We politely ask that this happens off site, away from school grounds.

Fire Alarm

In the event that a fire bell should go off, please allow the adults to deal with the children in line with our Fire Safety Procedures. Assemble at the top end of the field, by the forest, in an orderly manner and await instructions from members of SLT. At no point should you attempt to enter the building.


Children are not allowed fizzy drinks or energy drinks.

Photographs and Phones

We have some vulnerable children who are strictly forbidden to have their photographs taken for child protection and other reasons.  No phones are allowed to be used in our school site, please.

Family Picnic

One of the highlights of our Sports Day is the opportunity for families to have a picnic on the school grounds together. All the pupils will join you on the field at 12:15pm and return to the class at 1pm to facilitate playtimes, registration and preparation for the afternoon events. At 1pm pupils will be brought in their classes to the areas and will return here at the end of the picnic.

Although we appreciate some parents may have children in various year groups, we are going to have designated areas that you can sit in to ensure that you have enough space for your picnic. This map should help.  You can choose the most appropriate place for your family group, if you have more than one child.

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday 28th June.


Best wishes,

Miss Azzopardi

PE Lead

Year 2 and The Language Class trip to the Sea Side!

Dear Families,

As part of our summer term topic about The Seaside and our ongoing efforts to provide enriching and memorable experiences for our children, we are excited to propose an upcoming trip to Rhyl beach on Tuesday 2nd July 2024.  Our plans for the day include looking geographical features of the coast, beach activities and how to keep ourselves safe at the beach.

There will be a cost for this trip that works out to £20.14 per child. £18.14 payable via ParentPay no later than Monday 1st July 2024. The additional £2.00 is for an ice-cream which needs to be brought into school in cash and handed to the class teacher by Friday 28th June.

(Children in the Language Class should bring cash payment to the school office for both their ice cream and the trip )

To ensure that the children get to spend as much time as possible at the seaside, we are asking that they come into school slightly earlier this day, for 8:30am. This gives enough time for registration and toileting etc before leaving at 9am promptly.

To get the most out of the visit, the children will be arriving back to school slightly later. We are hoping that they will be back for 4:30pm – traffic depending.

Please ensure that children are dressed for the weather.  School jumper/cardigan) must be worn, however comfortable leggings, shorts or joggers will be fine along with trainers.  Please make sure all jumpers and cardigans are named.

If the weather is nice, we ask that sun cream is applied before your child arrives to school. Please also send sun cream labelled with your child’s name so that we can reapply it during the day as required.

Please ensure that your child has a packed lunch unless you request one no later than Monday 20th June via ParentPay.

Please ensure children bring sufficient water to drink. We ask that children are not provided with pop, fizzy, energy drinks or glass bottles.

What to Bring:

– Packed lunch and water (if lunch not ordered in advance via ParentPay)

– Sun cream (labelled with your child’s name.

– Waterproof jacket

– Any necessary medications such as inhalers. Anti sickness medication should be taken in the morning before arriving at school if your child does suffer with travel/motion sickness. If they require additional medication throughout the duration of the visit, a medication form must be completed, signed and all medicines handed to your child’s class teacher.

If you have any questions or require additional information about the trip, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Miss Sankar, Mrs Painter and Mrs Stacey.

Year 2 Teachers


Read Write Inc Videos – 17.05.2024

Dear Year 1 and 2 parents,

The children have really been working with all of their hearts with their phonics learning this half term. All children will be reassessed over the coming week and class teachers shall inform you of their progress. Please check their reading logs for any updates!

To further support your child in preparation for the upcoming phonics screening check, please scan the QR code to watch the corresponding video.

RWI QR codes

Your child’s teacher will send home a paper copy of this, over the next week. They will highlight any particular digraph or trigraph your child needs further support with.

Please find further information below:

PSC Parent Handout 2023

PSC Parent Meeting 2023


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Smith

(Reception Teacher and Reading Leader)

Spare Clothes

Dear Parents,

As you know, accidents can happen unexpectedly, especially among our younger children during the school day and there are times when a spare change of clothing becomes necessary.

With this in mind, we kindly request your support in donating spare underwear, socks, pants, tights, shorts, and trousers. If you can donate any plastic carrier bags that we can put wet/soiled clothing in, we would really appreciate it.

These items would greatly assist us in promptly addressing any accidents that may occur, allowing our children to quickly return to their daily activities without discomfort or embarrassment.

Please note that at this time, we are specifically seeking donations of spare clothing items listed above. While we appreciate any offers of assistance, we currently do not require donations of school jumpers/cardigans/hoodies and t-shirts.

If you can contribute, please drop off your donations at the school office during school hours.

If your child is prone to accidents, we ask that they always have a spare change of clothing available in their school bags.

Thankyou in advance