Summer Holiday Activities Club

Dear Parent/Carer,

We have some fantastic news!  A holiday club will be running here over the summer holidays.  This is free to students receiving free school meals. Click on the flyer Telford- JF.

This is a fantastic opportunity so please get booked in, before it goes out to the wider public!

Kind regards

Year 4 News, 28.06.2024

This week has been our assessment week. I am immensely proud of everyone and of how hard they have all tried in every one of our tests.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we went to work with a first aid team who showed us how to perform CPR – it is hoped that this very valuable skill will save lives. Our visitors were impressed with the children’s behaviour and the incredible questions they asked about heart health and CPR.

On Tuesday, we also had our last violin lesson with the fabulous Olivia Jago, who has taught us so much about how to handle the instrument. We had a final play-along to celebrate our new-found skills and even found the time to try a couple of new pieces! We would like to thank Olivia, Mitch and the WCET team for their support in helping us to try the violin and ukulele.

We have also had our Sports Day today. I cannot describe how proud I felt to see every child doing their level best to reach the finish line. While there were many 1st, 2nd and 3rd places awarded, everyone worked with their whole hearts to cross the finish line. I feel that today, everyone in 4B truly demonstrated the Christian value of resilience to finish the race, no matter what.


Wishing you all a great weekend – let’s pray for a return of the sunshine!


Miss Brotherton

Years 4, 5 and 6 save lives!

This week, Years 4, 5 and 6 have learnt how to carry out CPR thanks to the help and support of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity. They have learnt how to help someone whose heart has stop beating by checking for danger, checking their breathing and then beginning chest compressions by placing their interlocked hands into the centre of the chest and pushing down. They also learnt how to stop bleeding and how to place someone in the recovery position.

Maria, from Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, also informed us where they work, the top 5 missions and how much money they need to run. Did you know they need £13 million a year to run?

All had a great time and were very enthusiastic during and after the session.

New books!

Dear Parents/ Carers,

A little while ago we held our annual book fair. From the books that were bought, our school gained reward points that we were able to spend on brand new books for the whole school. The children spent time in class, selecting the texts that they would like to read. A very exciting delivery came this week! Here is just a small selection.

Thank you to all of our families who have made this possible. We know the children are extremely excited to get reading!

Mrs Smith

(Reception Teacher and Reading Leader)

Year 4 Newsletter 07.06.2024

It’s been a busy week in Year 4. We have all been practising hard for next Friday’s Sports Day. It was a lot of fun – especially the three-legged races!

In Science this week we have begun to learn about the digestive system and about teeth. In Maths we have begun to recap on telling the time from an analogue clock face and translating this into digital time. Next week we will begin to link our understanding of 12-hour and 24-hour clock time.

In Computing this week, we have begun to produce some brochures to persuade tourists to visit London, including some of our own photos which we captured using the Green Screen equipment before the half term break.

Some reminders for next week:

Tuesday 11th June: Violin lesson 7

One or two children have been bringing their own violins into school for this.

Wednesday 12th June and Thursday 13th June: Times Tables Checks for Year 4

These will be happening on Wednesday and Thursday of next week, with anyone who has been absent taking theirs on Friday or the beginning of the following week. Please see the Apps section of our page for opportunities to practise answering the questions on all tables up to and including 12 x 12.

Thursday 13th June: PE and Friday 14th June: Sports Day

Your child will need to be in their PE kit on Thursday and Friday next week. We would like to remind the children that they should not be wearing jewellery as part of the school uniform or with their PE kits. A sun hat and water bottle would also be a big help on Friday.



Sports Day- Friday 28th June 2024 – take two!

 Dear Parents and Carers,

We are again so excited to have you back in school for our EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Sports Day and Family picnic.


  • LKS2 (Year 3/4) 9.15am-10.30am (Gates open 9am)
  • UKS2 (Year 5/6) 10.45am-12.00pm
  • Reception & KS1(Year 1/2) – 1.30pm-2.45pm

 Enter: Gates by Main Reception (Reception and Year 2 entry and exit gates) PLEASE SIGN IN AND OUT

 All parents are to stay within the designated seating areas during the sporting events and should not attempt to cross the tracks to your child/ren.


In order to ensure safeguarding of our children, parents will not have access to the school building. Port-a-loos will be provided on site.

Behaviour Expectations

We are all here to celebrate all our wonder children’s sporting success and ask that you ensure that you are celebrating with each child as they follow our school vision at working at everything with all their heart. We would also kindly ask that any younger siblings are supervised at all times (avoiding running on tracks). 

Smoking and Vaping

Can we remind you that John Fletcher of Madeley is a smoke free zone, this incudes vaping. We politely ask that this happens off site, away from school grounds.

Fire Alarm

In the event that a fire bell should go off, please allow the adults to deal with the children in line with our Fire Safety Procedures. Assemble at the top end of the field, by the forest, in an orderly manner and await instructions from members of SLT. At no point should you attempt to enter the building.


Children are not allowed fizzy drinks or energy drinks.

Photographs and Phones

We have some vulnerable children who are strictly forbidden to have their photographs taken for child protection and other reasons.  No phones are allowed to be used in our school site, please.

Family Picnic

One of the highlights of our Sports Day is the opportunity for families to have a picnic on the school grounds together. All the pupils will join you on the field at 12:15pm and return to the class at 1pm to facilitate playtimes, registration and preparation for the afternoon events. At 1pm pupils will be brought in their classes to the areas and will return here at the end of the picnic.

Although we appreciate some parents may have children in various year groups, we are going to have designated areas that you can sit in to ensure that you have enough space for your picnic. This map should help.  You can choose the most appropriate place for your family group, if you have more than one child.

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday 28th June.


Best wishes,

Miss Azzopardi

PE Lead

KS2 Healthy Snack Reminder

Dear KS2 Families,

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting healthy eating habits among our children, we encourage them to bring a snack to enjoy during break. We ask that these snacks be limited to healthy options such as fruits and vegetables. Ideal choices include apples, carrots, celery sticks, bananas, and other similar nutritious snacks. These foods not only provide essential vitamins and minerals but also help maintain energy levels and concentration throughout the school day.

Please avoid sending snacks that are high in sugar, fat, or salt. Examples of such snacks include sweets, chocolate bars, crisps, and sugary drinks. By providing healthy snacks, we can work together to foster better eating habits that will benefit our children both now and in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Kind regards

John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School.


Year 4 Homework, 03.05.2024

Thank you for the increase in homework books returned today – we are on the up!

Tonight’s homework is as follows:

Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar book, page 67: Headings and Subheadings

Maths books, page 40: Dividing by 10 and 100

Please hand this in by Friday 10th May, 2024.

Year 4 Homework, 26.04.2024

Just a polite reminder that homework is due on a Friday. A number of books have not been coming into school recently so we hope that this reminder will help. All completed homework tasks receive Class Dojo points and evidence of reading at home receives 5 points.

This week’s homework:

English – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book: pages 24 and 25 – Prepositions

Maths: page 32, Counting in hundredths

Spare Clothes

Dear Parents,

As you know, accidents can happen unexpectedly, especially among our younger children during the school day and there are times when a spare change of clothing becomes necessary.

With this in mind, we kindly request your support in donating spare underwear, socks, pants, tights, shorts, and trousers. If you can donate any plastic carrier bags that we can put wet/soiled clothing in, we would really appreciate it.

These items would greatly assist us in promptly addressing any accidents that may occur, allowing our children to quickly return to their daily activities without discomfort or embarrassment.

Please note that at this time, we are specifically seeking donations of spare clothing items listed above. While we appreciate any offers of assistance, we currently do not require donations of school jumpers/cardigans/hoodies and t-shirts.

If you can contribute, please drop off your donations at the school office during school hours.

If your child is prone to accidents, we ask that they always have a spare change of clothing available in their school bags.

Thankyou in advance

A Gentle Reminder

Dear Families,

We wanted to send a gentle reminder about the importance of labelling your child’s jumpers, cardigans, bags and coats with their names clearly written.

It is very easy for items of clothing to get mixed up or misplaced at school. By labelling your child’s clothing, you not only help us to keep track of their belongings but also make it easier to return any lost items promptly.

We kindly request that you take a moment to check your child’s clothing and ensure that their jumpers, cardigans, and coats are clearly labelled with their name.

Additionally, if you suspect that your child may have accidentally brought home the wrong item of clothing, we kindly ask that you return it to the school at your earliest convenience. This will allow us to reunite the misplaced item with its rightful owner promptly.


The John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School Team


We are currently in need of old adult size t-shirts that can be repurposed for use in our art lessons. These t-shirts will be worn over the children’s school uniform, ensuring that they remain clean and protected during hands-on art activities.

If you have any old adult size t-shirts that you could spare, we kindly request that you consider donating them to our school. Donations can be dropped off at the main school office


Music Heroes

We had a blast performing to the children and staff of John Fletcher Primary School as part of the “live experiences” tour of Shropshire schools. I am delighted to announce that the Music Heroes Instrumental tutors will be offering piano guitar, ukulele and drums to the children of the school (all subject to sufficient numbers).

Music Heroes is an instrumental tuition service providing tuition to children in schools in Shropshire, Telford and Powys. Our ethos is to provide affordable tuition in a contemporary and fun style; teaching the songs that our students want to play whether that be something by Ed Sheeran, Queen or Billie Eilish or their favourite theme tune! Learning an instrument is much more fun when you love the music you’re playing!! We can also prepare our students for Rock School Graded exams, if that is something they would like to do…but no pressure!

The Music Heroes tutors are experienced musicians, performers and singer/songwriters. Please have a look at our website; if you want to find out more about each of us. Music Heroes was founded and is managed by me, Gayle Kinsey in partnership with Dave Sylva. School provide the place, and we take care of everything else. All communications (including invoicing) is direct between Music Heroes and parent/student. Invoices are sent out via email at the beginning of each half term. We are passionate about instrumental tuition being affordable, so we won’t be beaten on
price for one to one tuition. Lessons are £9.99 for 20 minutes.

We are pleased to offer every child that is interested a free taster lesson. If you would like to sign up for this, please email Gayle directly and we will let you know when that will be as soon as possible.

Many thanks.


Gayle Kinsey

Music Heroes

Music Heroes HQ
No7 The Dana


Year 4 News, 19.04.2024

Following our successful visit to Laches Wood, everyone in Year 4 has come back refreshed and ready for more learning.

Our Geography topic has kicked off well, with the children producing fact files about well-known world landmarks and embarking on an atlas challenge to locate different countries, flags, rivers and cities of the world. We would like to offer special thanks to the amazing Mrs. T for her support in working with the atlases! In Music this week we were able to play Manhattan Blues, including an opportunity to improvise on the violin using different bowing techniques. In Art this week, we have been working on our Krakov butterflies project and in Reading and Writing lessons we have begun to explore Haiku poetry from Japan with a view to writing our own.

In Maths we have begun to explore the link between tenths and decimals and will continue on this path for a few weeks in order to consolidate the children’s understanding.

This morning we were treated to a mini concert by the Music Heroes tutors, where we sang and clapped along with their very professional-sounding band. Many children came away from the experience inspired to learn to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. Some application forms will be making their way home next week.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Brotherton

Year 4 Homework, 19.04.2024

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book – page 5: Adjectives and page 7: Adverbs.

Maths book – page 39: Writing fractions as decimals.

Please bring in your homework ready for Friday 26.04.2024


As you know, our school photographer will be visiting tomorrow (17th April) and Thursday (18th April)
We kindly ask that all children come to school wearing their full, correct uniform on both days.
Additionally, we ask that children bring their PE kits in a bag to school, (if their PE days fall on a Wednesday or Thursday) as they will have the opportunity to change into them for any PE activities during these days.